AHP into Action

AHP into Action-01

Allied Health Professionals (AHP) into Action describes how the care system can be brought together through the third largest workforce in the health industry. It also begins to explain how they can support the delivery of the plans they aim to pursue in the years to follow.

AHP includes Chiropodists, Dieticians, Paramedics, Physiotherapists, Art Therapists and Speech and Language Therapist. These leaders will help to support the future of the healthcare service delivered to the nation.

AHP into Action’s overall goal is to improve the well-being of the population, making sure to deliver evidence based practice in service of quality and efficiency.

Three challenges facing the NHS

It is vital that the workforce is utilised allowing the best outcome to be delivered. The three challenges facing the system are:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Care and quality
  • Finance and efficiency

Having the voice, as well as the opportunity for AHP to shape the service allows honest and realistic solutions to be made. General practice and urgent emergency services are to be addressed with the high level of demand as well as staffing shortages.


  • Commitment to the individual
  • Commitment to keep care close to home
  • Commitment to the health and well being of everyone
  • Commitment to the care for those who care


These collective agreements, which describe and demonstrate the AHPs are ready, prepared and have the skills to deliver what is required in our flexible system. These priorities are:

  • AHPs can lead change
  • AHPs skills can be future developed
  • Evaluate
  • Improve
  • Evidence the impact of their contribution
  • Can utilise information and technology