Ambulance response targets missed again

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Welsh ambulances fail to reach patients within eight minutes

Latest figures have shown that Welsh ambulances have missed their target of reaching 65% of life-threatening incidents in eight minutes.

The number of situations attended to in eight minutes for June was 53%, which is a drop from 54.1% seen in May and the 62.6% which was last June’s score. Expecting month on month improvements, Welsh government are said to find the results “disappointing” with Welsh Liberal Democrats labelling the issue a “huge concern”. Plaid Cymru said there was “no excuse for this continuing failure” to hit the target.

Emergency situation 

Throughout June, there were 35,570 emergency calls, of which 14,167 were Category A and of these 53% of responses arrived within eight minutes. In 96.7% of cases, the ambulance crew arrived within 30 minutes for Category A calls.

Welsh Conservatives shadow health minister Darren Millar told BBC News “An immediate medical response to a heart attack, stroke or serious accident can make the difference between life and death.”