Apprenticeships with Total Assist

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When apprenticeships first started, their objective was to give students another option after they left school. Although at the start, apprenticeships weren’t as popular 2015/16’s staggering figures have now stated that over 509,400 apprenticeships were completed across the United Kingdom.

16+ year olds have been given the opportunity to work at a placement while studying to deepen their knowledge and education about their selected topic. Without the added pressure of tuition fees, stress and possibly living away from home. Being an apprentice still teaches a student to be self sufficient, reliable and confident within a work environment developing further as a person as well as their knowledge of the job.

Over 150 different courses are now available to these students, some being job specific like Dental, Childcare or Retail qualifications where others are more business related like business admin, customer service or team leading.

The Government funded service also allows you to gain skills, experience and a qualification whilst you follow a clear structured programme showcasing your success over a minimum of 12 months.

Since 2002/03 changes were also made to the Modern Apprenticeship scheme to remove the 25 age limit. The invitation for an apprenticeship is now open to anyone and everyone allowing them to advance within their industry, this has contributed to the 9,500 apprentice increase.

Three different levels are offered to everyone, depending on their current experience. The grades are intermediate, advanced and higher levelled apprenticeships.

Total Assist

Total Assist has been lucky enough to win an award in 2015 for a Learning and skills award, celebrating the success of all apprentices within Total Assist.

Total Assist works closely with a range of different apprenticeship providers including 3AAA and Seetec to help the learning and development processes.

Each apprentice will be assigned their own assessor who will then support you with paperwork, monthly homework and training both in the work place and at day releases at the academy.

At the end of the 12 months, you will receive a recognised qualification and quality experience in the environment. The company then have the choice to offer you a permanent full-time position after the apprenticeship has been completed.

NHS Apprenticeships

  • Health – Emergency Care Assistance(Intermediate)
  • Healthcare scienceassistant (Intermediate)
  • Health – Pharmacy Services(Intermediate and Advanced)
  • Health and Social Care (Intermediate and Advanced)
  • Health – Clinical Healthcare Support(Intermediate and Advanced)
  • Health – Informatics(Intermediate and Advanced)
  • Health – Perioperative Support  (Intermediate, Advanced and Higher)
  • Health – Dental Nursing(Advanced)
  • Health – Allied Health Profession Support (Advanced)
  • Health – Maternity and Paediatric Support (Advanced)
  • Care, Leadership and Management (Higher)
  • Health – Assistant Practitioner (Higher)
  • Healthcare scienceassociate (Higher)

Benefits at Total Assist

Total Assist offers many benefits with the apprenticeship system including ongoing support and training from our own learning and development team. Weekly coursework workshops are also put into place enabling you to never fall behind on assignments. As well as the opportunity to gain valuable work experience whilst being paid in order to receive a NVQ qualification.

Total Assist offers apprenticeships for IT, Finance, Business Administration, Marketing and HR to find out more information about working at Total Assist as an Apprentice email Kelsey West, our HR and Training Administrator, at or call 01708388095 and speak to our award-winning agency today.