Are healthy diets too expensive?

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Food banks are having to double in size to combat high priced groceries

Fears that people can no longer afford a decent diet have led to public health experts calling on the PM for action.

The UK Faculty of Public Health has written an open letter to the PM demanding that an independent group be set up to investigate the growing costs of fruit and veg.

The letter, signed by 169 faculty members, pinpointed rising food prices, falling wages and a boom in food banks as evidence.

Healthy food in-affordable 

The Trussell Trust, the largest food bank provider, claims 913,000 food parcels have been given out this year, compared to 350,000 in the previous year.

Faculty president Prof John Ashton told BBC News “Increasing numbers of people on low wages are not earning enough money to meet their most basic nutritional needs for maintaining a healthy diet. We should not accept this in the UK, the world’s sixth largest economy and the third largest in Europe. An affordable nutritious diet is a prerequisite for health.”