Cameron and Miliband clash over NHS Wales

David Cameron and Ed Miliband have clashed again regarding Labour’s record running the Welsh NHS at the Prime Minister’s Questions.

Cameron and Miliband debate over NHS Wales

Cameron and Miliband debate over NHS Wales

Mr Miliband told the prime minister that Labour’s mansion tax was needed to fund a health service ‘going backwards on his watch.’

The Labour leader said patients were being failed by the thousand, due to missed cancer targets in England.

Mr Cameron’s rebuttal was that targets are also being missed in Wales.

Mr Miliband argued that the health service in Wales was doing a ‘better job’ on targets for cancer treatment than NHS England has been doing, which he highlighted was also missing targets for A&E treatments.

Mr Cameron pointed out that Wales has not met A&E an urgent cancer treatment targets since 2008.

‘What is the difference between Wales and England?’ He asked, then explained,

‘In England the Tories are in charge putting more money in, reforming our NHS, and in Wales Labour are in charge, cutting the NHS and missing targets.’