Can locum work help fight burnout and stress?

Happy Doctor

For medical professionals, suffering from burnout is one of the most common complaints, as doctors and nurses across the country push themselves to constantly work tirelessly, delivering a high standard of patient care. However learning to keep burnout at bay will not only enhance your personal life, but will also help professionally. One of the key ways of doing this is by becoming a locum doctor, as this slight shift in career will instantly enable you to have more control over your work and therefore help to eliminate the danger signs of both burnout and stress.

Here are my reasons for why locum work can help keep you sane…

1) You have the control. Whether you decide to work locum shifts full or part time, you dictate the hours that you put in, with the ability to accept or decline work based on what you prefer and when you want to be available. You may fancy ad-hoc shifts over your weekends accompanying a full time role so that you can make extra money, or you may want to take the whole summer off no questions asked. Whether you want to work three weeks of the month or one, it’s entirely up to you, so battling over rotas can be a thing of the past.

2) Pick the where. As well as choosing your availability, you also have your say about whereabouts in the country you work. Testing out different clinical settings within your hometown may be your scene, but if you would prefer to go further afield to visit distant relatives maybe, then this too is your choice. With staff shortages across the UK, there are an abundance of roles in a wide spectrum of hospitals.

3) No two days will be the same. Wave goodbye to a monotonous workload. Being able to practice in a variety of facilities and communities, you will regularly and consistently mix up your workload so that you won’t get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing every day. Every new placements will have different challenges, people and demographics to deal with, keeping you engaged and on the ball.

4) Ditch the politics. If dreary hospital politics and piles of administrative work are your worse nightmare, then locum work provides the perfect escape. Politics can impact on morale and policies, so since you are only a temporary member of staff, you can bypass this completely and instead focus on your true passion – patient care.

5) More free time. Since your schedule is firmly in your hands, you can now increase your spare time. Pressures to work over your hours are now eliminated, as you can complete your shift and then simply go home to spend more time with family and friends as well as hobbies or physical activities – which are all really essential in keeping your stress levels low. Building in more time for you to rest is vital, as it is important that you feel energised and ready to go when you arrive at the hospital. Locum work allows you to do that easily.

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