Do you want to be a recruitment consultant?

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For a fast paced, exciting and interactive career at Total Assist, working in recruitment is a fantastic industry to be a part of, especially as it is one of the fastest growing business sectors in the UK. With an emphasis on selling, a persuasive can-do attitude is a must, as your career with us will focus on one of the most vital assets for any client – the candidates. Recruiting and distributing the best staff you can summon means that as a recruitment consultant, you play a pivotal role in the running of many hospital trusts across the country.

Recruitment also allows you to build your area of expertise, and really specialise in a specific industry zone, making you a key source of knowledge for medical professionals looking to work within this sector. Your reputation will be  massively boosted, placing more and more work in your direction.

Is recruitment the right industry for you?

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Being a recruitment consultant at Total Assist is a vastly rewarding career, but our mantra definitely is ‘you get out what you put in’, with the ultimate control over your career progression and salary directly in your hands. This will firstly mean putting the hours in, as often working in recruitment means that you work long hours, to give you as many time windows as possible to phone candidates about when they are most likely to be free. You can expect to be clocking in the office at about 8.30am, not shutting down your computer until between 6.00pm or 8.00pm, depending on your workload.  Additional hours means additional money and this is one way your pay packet can quickly grow.

If you like a good tick list or being set a challenge, then you’ll find recruitment very satisfying as it is a target driven industry. Daily, weekly and monthly targets will be used as signposts to help you juggle the numerous tasks included in your role, whether you are striving to hit Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) or keep on top of your revenue generation targets.

Once you have been working as a recruitment consultant for a while, your targets will then focus more on your commission or bonuses, which again is another opportunity to take home more money. Targets are a really useful way of checking you are on track professionally, as well as helping you see how your contributions are helping to build and develop Total Assist Group as a whole.

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A career in recruitment

A vital string to any recruitment consultant’s bow is the ability to be resilient. At the end of the day, recruitment is all about sales and not everyone will be interested in what you have to say. It can be a very up and down industry, with plenty of frustrations such as last minute cancellations or clients taking their business elsewhere, but you will have to learn to bounce back from disappointments and plough ahead into the next opportunity with brand enthusiasm.

Another important aspect is the ability to create and maintain an extensive list of long term relationships. Having a positive working relationship with our clients ensures that they are more likely to use you as their recruiter of choice, putting more work –  and therefore commission –  your way. Being on good terms with your candidates is massive as they will then come to you first if they want new jobs or opportunities. This means that the majority of your time will be spent on the phone as you constantly update and maintain your network, however you may also be called upon to do some face to face interviews and client visits.


[testimonial name=”By Justin Rich” who=”Chairman at Total Assist Group ” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]”Total Assist was founded by myself in 1999 specialising in the supply of Locum Doctors and today more than 70 ambitious employees occupy our modern offices and headquarters in Essex.”[/testimonial]


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