Does CCTV have a place in care homes?

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A third of care homes do not meet basic standards

Care minister Norman Lamb have revealed that CCTV camera are being considered for use in care homes, after a BBC Panorama report found elderly residents being slapped and taunted by workers.

The Old Deanery care home, in Braintree, Essex, was subject to undercover filming by the BBC, showing that OAP’s were being mistreated by employees.

One member of staff has been sacked and seven suspended as a result of the covert clips.

Care Quality Commission figures show that more than a third of care homes in England that received warning notices since 2011 still do not meet basic standards.

Resident abuse

Despite whistle blowers bringing the 93 bed Old Deanery into the spot light in August 2012, the undercover Panorama report unveiled many of the same problems, including terminal ill patients being ignored and left sitting in excrement, with one dementia patient being slapped and mocked by care staff.

Mr Lamb told BBC Radio 5 “I think there is a real danger that if you think that you can create a good culture and compassionate care through CCTV you will fail completely. But I think it is one of the weapons that the Care Quality Commission should consider using and indeed they are considering. I think in specific cases where there are allegations or concerns about possible abuse or neglect then there could be a role for it.”

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