Five character traits for the best client account managers

As company Director of Client Account Managers here at Total Assist Group, I know exactly the kinds of skills and character traits that I look for in my staff, to ensure they are as successful as possible. A hard working and pro-active Client Account Manager is essential to any business, as they nurture the relationship with the clients, creating a viable, workable correspondence that can benefit the company.

client account manager

Here are the top five traits that you need to be the very best Client Account Manager…

1)      Knowledgeable

As a Client Account Manager, you will have your finger on the pulse of the company, not only embracing and showcasing core company values, but you will also have a detailed understanding of the goals and priorities of the business, so that you know which directions to drive your client in. You will know the industry like the back of your hand and also have a firm eye on any competitors. It is important to understand and know how Total Assist Group can add value to clients, as well as how to articulate this.

2)      Relationship orientated

Being 100% focused on forging and maintaining excellent relationships and rapport with your clients is vital. Clients have to trust their account managers, and know that we have their best interests at heart, so we have to really go the extra mile to deliver on our services to earn this trust. Also, by being honest about what we can provide as well as any prices, clients will learn what they can expect from us, especially if we remain consistent over long periods of time.

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3)      Strong communicator

It’s all very well knowing the opportunities available to our clients, but if you can’t communicate this clearly, then the relationship won’t be a success. Effective communication is completely essential and will help when getting clients on board during presentation meetings as well as when creating one to one rapport with points of contact. Being able to convey a personal yet professional tone via email and phone calls is also fantastic and will help you to promote the advantages of partnering with Total Assist Group. Being persuasive without being over pushy is key.

4)      Results driven

It’s important to not lose sight of company goals overall, and to be aware of how your role contributes to the business. By utilising all of these key traits you can secure and then maintain profitable client accounts, making sure to monitor sales activity and to engage your clients to work with you in as many ways as possible – for example, not only liaising with our pipelines of locum doctors but also our bank nurses. Maintaining clients is just as vital as gaining them, so customer service has to be exemplary

5)      Good business judgement

To be the best Client Account Manager, you have to be aware of industry shifts and upcoming trends. Predicting when a surge is expected means you can help prepare a line up of suitable staff that is ready to go whenever your clients need them. You can identify new areas of business growth and pursue opportunities that you come across, making sure to weigh up the pros and cons and use factual information as well as past experience to execute succinct business decisions.

[testimonial name=”Julie Smith” who=”Director of Account Management” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]”With over 15 years experience in the medical recruitment industry, I am an empowering and ambitious hands on Director, heading up the Client Account Managers at Total Assist Group. I have a high focus on quality customer service and delivering results.”[/testimonial]