Google breaking into healthcare market

glucose lens

New partnership sees digital healthcare take an impressive step forward

Google is partnering with prestigious pharmaceutical giant Novaritis to create glucose sensing contact lenses for diabetics.

Digital forerunners Google are used to issuing out fast paced innovative ideas, their business model founded on producing and selling these gadgets and gizmos. Pair this with the legitimacy and credibility of a regulation following pharmaceutical body, and the notion of digital healthcare can finally get underway with gusto.

Usually. ambitious claims for new digital products are brushed under the carpet by medical professionals, as the industry still relies heavily on evidence based procedures and processes, with expertise in FDA approval, marketing and distribution all important in creating a useful product that will work.

Bringing digital to the healthcare market

Matching the speedy idea process and digital know-how of Google, with the well established and clinically experienced Novartis does create a ‘best of both’ environment, that can hopefully nurture the beginning of a booming digital healthcare revolution.

David Ahn, writing for iMedicalApps, says “Google brings a certain mystique and ‘coolness’ to the product, whereas Novartis brings a medical credibility that puts providers at ease.  A consumer-facing smart contact lens that improves vision and monitors glucose for diabetics, while at the same time has the backing of the FDA and the healthcare community would epitomize the potential for digital health.”