GP’s quitting under increasing pressure

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New campaign searching for long term solutions for GP’s

Doctors’ leaders claim that piling pressure on GP’s is leading to a recruitment and retention crisis, with demands for more doctors and cash.

The ten minute appointment slot system is deemed unsuitable in current climates, with 340 million people booking appointments over the year, which is a 13% increase over the past five years.

The British Medical Association has launched its own campaign pressing for “urgent solutions” to keep GP’s in UK practices. Titled ‘Your GP Cares’, it called for “long-term, sustainable investment” in general practice.

More GP’s needed

Dr Krishna Kasaraneni said “It is a sad reality that many GP’s are choosing to work abroad due to the increasing workload pressures in the UK. Crisis meetings about how we manage the workload/workforce imbalance are becoming more frequent, and sadly, I feel like I’m letting my patients down as their frustrations are increasing and the queue at the door is getting longer.”

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, chair of the BMA GP committee, said “We’re currently experiencing a workload crisis caused by rising patient demand, especially from an ageing society and those needing more complex care. The standard ten minute appointment for these patients is simply not enough, yet increasing the time available to the 40 plus patients a GP sees each day will have yet another severe knock on effect of more delays in getting an appointment.”