How locum work can boost your lifestyle

There are many reasons why you many want to do locum work, with reels of benefits to boot. Many doctors are now working locum shifts as full time careers as they prefer the pace, pay and flexibility that is available to them. Doing locum positions can also affect your lifestyle positively, so why not check out our top five reasons why locum work could be for you?

doctor image

1)      Work in different parts of the country

Yes, it may be sound trickier as you would need to arrange accommodation, etc, however a stint away from home – even if you are working – can act as a bit of a mini break, with a change of scenery great for mixing things up both professionally and personally. It also allows you to see parts of the country you may not have seen before.

2)      Avoid stressful situations

Hospital politics can easily get under your skin, and with permanent positions you may feel compelled to get involved or try and alter how things are done. With a locum position, you can leave this additional hassle at A&E and focus on treating your patients. Also, where you have more flexibility to manage your working hours, you can adopt a healthy work-life balance to ensure you avoid stress and anxiety you may pick up on the ward.

3)      Earn more money

As a locum doctor, you can earn a higher rate of pay per hour than you would as a permanent placed doctor, and this in turn will be a massive boost on your savings and income. Many doctors use locum work to help them save money quicker so you’ll be able to afford life’s little luxuries all the sooner.

4)      Helping the industry

Nothing can beat that feel good factor when you lend a hand where needed, and this is pretty much the main requirement of locum work. Hospitals that are struggling to cover shifts or maintain their workloads successfully need some extra help to contribute to patient care, so as a locum doctor, you can swoop in and save the day so to speak, which will feel amazing at the end of a long shift. Your short term colleagues will always be happy to have your help.

5)      You won’t be out of a job

The recession has planted many seeds of doubt in professional’s heads about their career prospects and redundancy choices; however, a shortage of doctors means you can bypass this worry. For good locum doctors, there will always be an abundance of placements as locum demand is on the up and rising steadily.