How to be an inspirational leader

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As a leader – whether you are CEO of a company like me, a division supervisor, or a team leader – it is essential that you have the right skill set and tool kit to fully motivate and engage your staff, so that you can keep productivity levels at an all time high. As recruitment is a pulsing and lively target driven industry, it is vital that I know how to best encourage and push my employees so that the business can continue climbing from strength to strength. At Total Assist Group, I oversee all of the teams that operate within our office, from the recruitment consultants and client account managers, to the compliance staff and HR department. Over the years I have learnt how to juggle all of these efficiently whilst still getting results.

Here are my top seven tips on how to successfully run a team…

1) Enthusiasm – ensure that your team can clearly see you are passionate about what you do, and that you love your job. If you aren’t enthusiastic about the business, how can anyone else in your team be?

2) Vision – As a CEO, I help to direct the company strategy, and it is so important to have a clear vision of where the business is heading. Have an ambition, make a plan and share it with your colleagues.

3) Inspire – Your team need to understand what’s in it for them. Just pumping target information at staff isn’t enough for individuals, you have to make them want it. Give them inspiration to make sure they reach the goals.

4) Bond – Use anecdotes and stories to help explain your vision or goal. People can imagine stories much clearer in their minds than spread sheets and analytical data, which helps create a bond and develop enthusiasm.

5) Involvement – Make sure people are involved; the more staff and teams that add their voices, the more they will own the decisions made and contribute.

6) Positivity – Be positive and always look for the best results. Optimism breeds optimism, as Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”  So you might as well think you can.

7) Encourage – Encourage those that show potential; let them know what they are doing is right and give them confidence to grow.

The main message that I deliver is if you have the right attitude and a passion about what you do, then you will be successful at anything. This includes team leadership and being a source of motivation and inspiration.

[testimonial name=”By Grant Finn” who=”CEO of Total Assist Group” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]”I have worked tirelessly at Total Assist Group for over 10 years now. I have overall responsibility for executing the continuous growth strategy of the company.”[/testimonial]