How to close an interview successfully

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As the Internal Recruitment Manager for Total Assist Group, I have interviewed hundreds of candidates, either over the phone or face to face, and I know the importance of making a positive closing impression. At the end of an interview, you want to ensure that the interviewer does not leave the room with any doubts in their mind – you want them to be convinced that you are the right person for the job.

Although open ended question during the course of the interview are always great – they get the interviewer talking and exploring areas you might not have spoken about otherwise – at the end of the interview you should stick to a more specific question to determine how the employer feels the interview has gone. Once they have handed control over to you, asking whether you have any questions, a good one to pose is “do you have any reservations about hiring me?”

Why is this a good question to ask?

This is a fantastic question to ask as it enables you to address any direct issues the employer may have, as well as clarify any communication gaps. For example, the interviewer may have simply misunderstood something that you said, so now is the perfect time to clear this up, and explain in more depth what you meant. The interviewer may also have drew an incorrect conclusion based on something in your CV, or something you might have discussed, so if this is raised, you can now highlight you relevant experience.

However, if the employer mentions a valid reservation, such as a skills gap for instance, then it is important to end on a high note, and explain how you will eliminate this to adapt more fully to suit the role, and show learning development. Your main goal for closing the interview should be to reassure the employer that you are the right decision.

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How do I reassure the employer?

1) Confirm. Firstly, you should recap and restate your understanding of what the employer needs. This will give the interviewer the impression that you fully comprehend the role, as well as uncover any gaps in understanding that may need to be clarified. This also enables both of you to make an educated decision about the position, as well as providing another opportunity to reiterate your strengths.

2) Assure. When discussing the tasks involved in the position, repeat your strengths and advantages as they relate to each requirement and responsibility, firmly linking your skills to what needs to be done.

3) Finish. Before you part ways, make sure you reaffirm that you are interested in the position, even after all the discussion that has taken place. Show confidence in yourself and ask what the next steps in the process are to show your continued interest and drive.

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