How to get noticed as a recruitment consultant

Our Internal Recruitment Manager explains how to stand out from the crowd

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Within my role here at Total Assist Group, I source and sift through a multitude of applicants who wish to work in recruitment, whether as a fully fledged and experienced consultant, or someone who wishes to join our ambitious academy programme as a trainee. Either way, I know exactly what to look for when perusing stacks of CV’s and speaking to potential employees on the phone, so here is my expert advice on how to be remembered by a business you want to work for, and the kinds of skills I expect to see if you want a successful career in recruitment.

Joining the academy as a trainee

Our academy training programme is all about teaching recruits the necessary skills to work in healthcare and medical recruitment, expanding and developing personality traits that can be utilised to create a g0-getting professional sales attitude. So, for this programme, a stellar CV isn’t always essential however it is important that you have the right characteristics to make a success of the position. The entry process is very competitive with a series of induction days where we get potential recruits involved in group activities to monitor your leadership, planning and quick thinking skills. Our trainees tend to be aged between 18 and mid-twenties, although we have also had trainees in their late twenties.

The characteristics I look for are:

  • Money motivated
  • Willing to go the extra mile every time
  • Tenacious
  • Incredibly engaging, both on the phone and in person
  • Hard working with the ability to knuckle down
  • No afraid to hear “no” but instead thinks of solutions
  • Complete doers
  • Works well under pressure
  • Can pick yourself up and keep going

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Continuing your career as an established consultant

If I am on the hunt for an experienced recruitment consultant, who can jump straight into the job, then I will definitely study the CV closely, as it will show the first indications of success in previous positions.

I always look for:

  • How long you have been established at companies – if you move around a lot it could signal an unsuccessful or patchy career, as well as being flighty. No company wants to be left in the lurch so this would worry me
  • How successful you have been in previous roles
  • Have you worked in medical recruitment and have an understanding of the nuances of the market?
  • Ability to build rapport and relationships easily
  • Must be engaging and show personality
  • Passionate career attitude
  • Ability to think on your feet

I always kick things off with a screening phone interview, so always ensure you are engaging and friendly on the phone to make a good first impression that is memorable – you don’t want to sound flat. I will judge your career success to date by asking a few questions, such as:

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  • How many calls do you make in a day?
  • What desk do you work on?
  • Do you work to a 360 or 180 recruitment system?
  • Do you take ownership for your business dealings / run your own desk?
  • How much money do you bill?
  • What is your current salary?
  • What is your yearly target? Are you on track to hit your target? Have you hit your targets in previous years?

I normally also inquire as to why you are searching for a new challenge, as it is important to establish what your past business frustrations may have been to see if you would be a good fit for Total Assist Group – it is essential that new staff enhance the company culture and work well in our unique office environment. You don’t necessarily need to have worked in healthcare recruitment before to make a success of a post with us, but experience in a fast paced environment, such as a temporary desk, would be a plus point. At Total Assist Group, we look for staff who are here for the long term, people who want to build and nurture their careers, as this is something we are very supportive of. Charisma is very important in a recruitment consultant and is always a trait we look for.

If you are interested in working in recruitment, and having a flourishing career as part of the Total Assist Group family, then please get in touch with me.

[testimonial name=”Jason Citroen” who=”Internal Recruitment Manager” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]”I joined Total Assist Group in December 2013, bringing my 12 years of recruitment industry experience to the forefront, to hunt down talented and engaging staff to help continue to build the company successfully. Please get in touch if you are interested in working for Total Assist Group.”[/testimonial]


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