How to manage your locum work

How to Manage your Locum Work-01

Working as a locum doctor is incredibly different from having a fixed and permanent position. The increased flexibility gives you a whole new working lifestyle as you can pick and choose the shifts that you want to work, right down to the days, hours and months, the advantages are numerous.

Having total control of your working life means that the balance between your personal and working life can really accommodate you. Making sure that you don’t miss important family dates or any other commitments.

Making the switch to locum work can see you earn more money, but it can also help you expand your horizons as you are given the opportunity to travel across the UK. So how can you manage your locum lifestyle now that you are free of permanent contract bonds?

There are still a few key factors to think about, but here at Total Assist, we are with you every step of the way, to make your locum career as easy as possible.

  • Invest in a diary.

Despite today’s modern digital technology advancements, you simply can’t beat a classic paper diary. We recommend one that has a week view, or maybe even a day per page if you plan on slotting numerous ad-hoc shifts into your working days, allowing you to add descriptions of each location/shift.


A sturdy Filofax is a popular option as you can keep and add to the contact pages keeping a reference of the doctors and recruitment consultants who you work with previously. Remember to note down any holiday plans so you don’t accidentally double book yourself!

  • Be tech savvy with your documents.

By creating an online platform which houses all of your documentation, including your CV, references and holiday information, it allows the information to be accessed easier by yourself to either update, or to send to Recruitment Consultants.


  • Do your homework.

Since you won’t be going to a set location and department too regularly (depending on your preference), it’s always a good idea to do some research beforehand. Even though every hospital will be mapped out differently from the last, the basics hospital procedures should be the same.