How to submit your locum timesheets

The perfect timesheet

The perfect timesheet

One of the major benefits of doing locum work is the fact you can earn as much money as you want. Locum work gives you the opportunity to earn a higher rate of pay per hour compared to permanent position medics, and you are also able to undertake more shifts if that’s what you want – some doctors even top up their incomes by accepting locum placements during annual leave and weekends. It’s great to see your bank balance boom after a hard day’s work, so to ensure you get paid as promptly and efficiently as possible, here are my do’s and don’ts for sending in those all-important timesheets…


  • Write in block capital letters to ensure the timesheet is as clear to read as possible
  • Double check you have written your hours down correctly, and calculated how many hours you have worked in total
  • Make sure you have signed the timesheet at the bottom of the page
  • Send your timesheet via email or fax
  • Ensure you have an authorised counter-signatory to also sign your timesheet, usually your consultant
  • Use a black ink pen, not pencil


  • Send the timesheet as a photo from your mobile phone – these are usually faint and extremely difficult to read
  • Forget to include clear copies of induction forms and receipts you need to be reimbursed for
  • Be late sending in your timesheet – the longer you wait to send it off, the longer you will wait for payment
  • Forget to sign the timesheet yourself, and get an authorised counter-signatory
  • Leave off break information – this is still needed so make sure you write it down


If you have no alternative but to send your timesheet as a photo from your mobile phone, then it is vital to make sure it is taken in good, natural light with no shadows or objects such as keys or even your fingers obscuring the image in any way. If it is unclear in any way, this will only slow up your payment, so it is in your best interests to make your timesheet as neat as possible.


[testimonial name=”By Craig Knox” who=”Finance Director” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]”At Total Assist we aim to provide a market leading payment process that results you receiving your pay as quickly as possible.  To help us achieve this please follow our guide on how to submit your timesheets.”[/testimonial]


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