Is gluten intolerance real?

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Another carb could be the culprit for allergies

Scientists now suspect that gluten intolerance does not exist, and is instead a fad diet.

Although celiac disease is real enough, experts now pinpoint the supposed gluten intolerance on a different factor – a group of carbohydrates, including fructan which comes from wheat. Further studies have been so conclusive about gluten intolerances, that  even the doctor that first defined them, Peter Gibson, has now gone back on his findings and changed his opinion. 

Fighting food intolerance

Gibson conducted a much more recent study, in 2013, which put patients on a diet low in FODMAPs, or a group of carbohydrates called fermentable oligo-di-monosaccharides and polyols to try and combat typical intolerance symptoms. These would include pain, nausea and bloating. 

The results showed that a gluten free diet did not decrease symptoms, however a low FODMAP diet did.

In wheat, the predominant FODMAP is fructan, but it’s found in other foods, too. FODMAPs include:

  • Fructose – found in some fruits
  • Lactose – found in some dairy products
  • Galactans – found in some legumes

Do you feel you have a gluten intolerance? Do these results affect you?

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