Locum doctors – how to earn more in 2014

I constantly come across locum doctors who ask for my advice on how to earn a higher salary and really make the most of working as a successful locum. Having worked in the locum recruitment industry for over 10 years, I have noticed some general rules that apply to most doctors, specialties and grades. Here are a few things that smart locums should do.

1. Be Flexible

To earn more as a locum be ready to go that extra mile, quite literally. If you are prepared to travel more, you have access to more opportunities that most likely pay better than others. There are regions that have shortage of specific specialities – make sure you can travel to those regions.

2. Be Available Last Minute

As you already may have noticed, being available last minute can greatly affect your pay rate. I constantly receive request from clients that are prepared to pay much more in order to find that doctor within the hour.

3. Give Me A Specific Time To Talk 

Ok, that’s very important. Setting a specific time when you can speak with your Placement Advisor would greatly assist in getting where you want to be professionally and financially. Your Placement Advisor has to know what your expectations are, and speak with you – sometimes on a daily basis –  in order to assist you. That way you’ll  know what’s out there before anyone else. If you are hardly ever available to speak with your Placement Advisor, it makes it much harder to keep up with the plethora of opportunities that are available and will eventually be given to someone else.

4. Recommend Your Colleagues and Friends

It may not sound a big deal but believe me when I am saying you have the opportunity to make a great difference on your earnings by simply recommending your colleagues and friends. If you are a locum that works in many hospitals you meet a lot of people that would be interested in some locum work. I have already seen locum doctors that are making £10k a year through recommendations.

5. Work on Your Professional Development  

It is your responsibility as a doctor to collect 50 CPD points per year and clients like to see doctors that are up to date with techniques and practises and if you can demonstrate this on you CV, it can greatly increase your chances of getting booked.

By Jason Sergeant / Sales Manager at Total Assist

Jason has over 10 years of experience within the healthcare sector and more specifically with locum doctors  and hospitals nationwide