Quick fire questions with Kevin Green

The REC’s chief executive offers his industry insights

Kevin Green 4The Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s CEO Kevin Green knows the recruitment industry like the back of his hand, especially since joining the prominent professional board in June 2008. Here, he gives us a run down of what we can expect in healthcare recruitment…

  • How vital are locum staff to the NHS?

“There will always be a need for contingency labour to cover last minute absences, like sick leave, and agencies provide a service 24 hours a day to ensure that hospitals can always get cover when required. However, at a time of critical staff shortages in the NHS, agency staff provide a vital service in ensuring safe staffing levels. Often too much of a distinction is made between locum and permanent staff within the NHS; many agency staff are ex-NHS employees or have combined roles; they also return to the same wards time and time again, building good relationship with their clients.”

  • What challenges are there in healthcare recruitment at the moment?

“The Department of Health has committed itself to finding £1.5 billion in procurement efficiencies by 2016, and NHS agency spend is a key target. Healthcare recruitment companies increasingly have to demonstrate added value to their clients, be that through helping clients reform their workforce planning and management. A lack of investment in the health and social care talent pipeline is starting to bite, with many employers looking overseas for candidates. The REC’s and KPMG’s monthly report on jobs consistently finds nursing/medical/care in the top three sectors in terms of demand from employers. The pressure on margins means that healthcare recruitment companies have to work increasingly harder to attract top quality candidates. Many of our members are differentiating themselves in the market based on the training and welfare support they provide.” 

  • RECHow does the REC support recruitment companies?

“The REC supports recruitment companies to go above and beyond the regulations and standards of compliance expected within the Health and Social Care industry. We provide free legal assistance including a legal helpline, model contracts and guidance, and regular updates on the latest regulatory changes. Our REC Health and Social Care sector group provides a forum through which members can take a more proactive role in shaping the regulatory and policy landscape. The group regularly works with Department of Health, the major procurement and professional bodies and unions to not only create the right business landscape but to also champion the contribution of agency health and social care professionals.” 

  • Are the REC involved in any campaigns regarding healthcare recruitment?

“As part of our work developing the talent pipeline, we are taking an active part in the NMC’s current consultation on nursing revalidation to ensure that it feasible for agency nurses to undertake. We are also closely monitoring Health Education England’s development of the Certificate of Fundamental Care. The REC is also member of the LGA’s Social Work Reform Board and is currently developing implementation guides for recruitment agencies and their clients on how best to implement the news Standards for Employers of Social Workers in England for the benefit of agency social workers. We continue to represent the industry on the National Procurement Council, and are feeding pack members’ concerns to the major procurement providers and NHS trusts. With the implementation of the Care Act looming next year, we are looking at the impact of local authority commissioning on the sustainability of the supply chain and care standards within social care. For example, we are working with the CBI on the development of a Local Market Management toolkit for local authorities.”

[testimonial name=”Recruitment Influencer – Kevin Green” who=”CEO of the REC” imagelinks=”http://totalassist.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Kevin-Green-e1408361016127.jpg” vertical=”no”]”With a high drive focus on customer service and business support, Kevin Green has flourished as CEO of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation since 2008, winning prestigious leadership awards.”[/testimonial]