Rewarding our staff

Rewarding our Staff-01

At Total Assist we take pride in rewarding our staff by recognising all of their hard work and effort that goes into their every day roles. We believe that without our team we wouldn’t be where we are today as a business, therefore we can only thank them for helping and supporting us to reach our goals.

It is important that we constantly support our staff and give them recognition when exceeding targets and showing their capability of continuously progressing. This is not only to make our staff feel valued but to make sure we have a good atmosphere around the office.

It is vital that every business shows their staff appreciation for how much they do for their company. A simple vocal show of appreciation like praising an employee could be enough for them to feel valued. Your company doesn’t always have to buy big, expensive gifts (Although we do that too.)

The Institute of Employment Studies had actually identified several important ways of which you can recognise, reward and engage with your staff, making them feel like a key member of to the business.

These included:

  • Performance and Appraisal
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Training

Rewards and engagement for staff is not just about attracting and retaining staff, but is more about how we motivate our current staff. Especially during times of struggle providing them with as much support as possible.

Rewards at Total Assist

At Total Assist we have several ways in which we reward our staff, including:

  • Promotions
  • Stars of the Week
  • The Quarterly Awards
  • The Wheel of Fortune

We provide to all of our staff Learning and Development programmes so that they are able to progress within the business and aim towards getting a promotion heading towards becoming a team leader or manager.

Star of the week is a weekly recognition for all of those that have gone above and beyond. The company gathers each week to listen to the stars, from each division, and applaud their outstanding work.

Every 3 months we also hold a Quarterly Awards evening where the company comes together to celebrate all the determination and dedication which has been made within the last quarter. Being able to reward our staff with certificates and gifts allows us to give them something back for all of the hard work they put in. The different categories include Best Sales Performer, Best Apprentice and Newcomer, Best Sales Manager, Best Support Staff as well as Outstanding Contribution and Most Improved Desk of the quarter.

Our latest rewards system for our staff; The Wheel of Fortune is our latest and most exciting rewards system in the office. The Wheel of Fortune is used to give staff that have exceeded their targets, the chance to win an amazing prize from Total Assist. These can include technology products, a trip (of your choice) to Europe, a sports car experience, dinner for two, shopping vouchers, TV’s, Laptop’s, Football tickets, game controls and many more amazing prizes.

We believe that every company should show all of their staff recognition, whether that be verbally or physically. The thought and process should clearly be evident showcasing and promoting the individual.