Securing yourself work as a locum

Securing yourself Work as a Locum-01

The UK healthcare market is currently witnessing increased demand and limited supply of medical professionals. The public and private medical institutions, in the UK, are finding it increasingly difficult to get the required amount of experts to fill the positions.

For the NHS, it has become a top priority that they have access to as many qualified personnel as necessary to provide the highest possible standard of service.

Here are some of the best ways to regularly secure yourself that desired post and to maintain a good relationship with your agency, as well as your recruitment consultant.

  1. Give preferences at registration:

Make sure once contacted you give over as much detail as possible, including locations, shifts and times you want to work; a locum’s greatest asset is their flexibility. This is Total Assist’s forte, finding placements that best suit you and your requirements.

  1. Always list your speciality and sub-speciality: 

It has become common practice for doctors to dedicate time to additional specialist training. Whilst listing your grade is vital it is also highly advisable that you list all other specialities that you have experience in. This will increase the number of opportunities that can be sourced for you.

  1. Keep in contact: 

Our experienced recruitment consultants will not only help find you placements but also resolve any issues that may arise before, during or after your shift. It also allows us to communicate about the previous shifts and take any feedback that will help further tailor our services to your requirements.

  1. Join us on Social Media: 

It’s worth following our Total Assist Groups Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages so that you are up to date on the latest agency news and job opportunities.

  1. Recommend a friend: 

If you have friends and family who are interested in any of our medical, education or personnel divisions then refer them today and earn yourself up to £200 per person. Terms and conditions apply.

Visit our website for the online application form:


To register with Total Assist today contact us via: 01708388000 or visit our quick registration form on our website,

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