Study claims obese young people will bankrupt NHS

A study has revealed that 40% of Britain’s under-25s who have life-saving surgeries are super-obese. According to a senior bariatric consultant, the level of young people classified as super-obese could ‘threaten to bankrupt the NHS’. The National Bariatric Surgery Registry released a report that analysed 18,000 weight-loss operations in the UK. It identified the rapid […]

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Will patients be charged for NHS services?

King’s Fund member explains why charging for healthcare should be a no go area King’s Fund member and social policy professor Julian Le Grand has spoken out against the idea of charging for healthcare services, instead advocating a “a single pathway of care with a single ring fenced budget and a single commissioner.”  Long opposing the […]

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How NHS procurement plans could impact locum staff

These days, you can’t open a newspaper or turn on the TV without catching a glimpse of a news story hailing the incredible debts of the NHS and the undoubted financial struggles that lay ahead for our health service; with prominent think tank the King’s Fund even predicting a complete monetary crisis during 2015/16, if […]

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