Know your numbers!

When we say ‘know your numbers’ we don’t mean your age, height or weight. On this occasion we mean your blood pressure numbers. Do you know your systolic and diastolic figures? Between the 12-18th of September Blood Pressure UK aims to educate the nation; encouraging each of us to check our numbers and to take […]

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Do doctors take their own advice?

Although doctors tend to be frowned upon for being stereotypically ‘bad patients’, do they actually practice what they preach and follow their own healthcare advice? A study by Medscape shows that one third of American doctors are overweight, with GP’s and general surgeons weighing in the heaviest, with nearly half of this group being obese. […]

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What foods do doctors eat?

Doctors are usually the ones dishing out all the healthcare advice when it comes to your food and diet, and suggesting what healthy food swaps you make. Let’s turn the tables and see what snacks the medical professionals like to get their teeth stuck in to… 1) Greek yoghurt Yoghurt has been proven to be […]

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Five foods to lower cholesterol

If you are looking to lower your cholesterol, then some simple changes to your diet can really help knock your numbers down to size. Why not try these healthy, heart loving foods to give your body the TLC it deserves. 1)      Oatmeal / Oat bran – high fibre foods Stock up on porridge and you […]

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