The best British medical Universities

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Medicine in the UK

Medicine is one of the most competitive courses in the UK as every year thousands of international students are accepted into medical school.

According to The Telegraph listed below are the top 10 ranked universities that offer programmes in medicine.

  1. University of Oxford

The medical science divisions are a internationally recognized centre of excellence for biomedical and clinical research. The practice of Medicine offers experiences that is impossible to find in any other subject.

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  1. University of Cambridge

The clinical school offers students a first class scientific approach to medicine combined with educational programmes that emphasise the development of excellence in the clinical, communication, attitudinal and practical skills required for good medical practice.

Cambridge Uni-01

  1. Cardiff University

The medical students say that Cardiff University is unique because of the ‘real focus on the patients’, the ‘opportunity to work with teachers and researchers who are experts’, and being able to develop an ‘excellent insight into what life as a doctor will be like.’

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  1. University College London (UCL) 

UCL medical school is committed to excellence in undergraduate and postgraduate education and has a strong reputation for teaching with the help of cutting-edge technology and research.

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  1. Imperial College London

The students benefit from the close connections with healthcare partners and collaborations with the college’s faculties of Engineering, Natural Sciences and the Imperial College Business School. The combination of outstanding science, excellent staff and innovative teaching methods result in a truly world-class studying experience.

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  1. Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of London aims to produce the pioneers and influencers of the future. It is proud of its rich history in academic research, which is recognised as world leading and makes a genuine impact on society.

Queen Mary Uni-01

  1. University of Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Medical School merges research and teaching across three sectors: biomedical sciences, clinical sciences and molecular, genetic and population health sciences. This results in world-leading research and a range of options of studying.

Edinburgh Uni-01

  1. University of Glasgow

Formed in 2010, the college of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences brings together internationally renowned experts and state-of-the-art facilities to improve health and quality of life from humans and animals across the globe.

Glasgow Uni-01

  1. Newcastle University

A career in medicine enhances Newcastle University’s aim to deliver excellence with a purpose. They show pride in equipping students with the knowledge and skills required to achieve their goal.

Newcastle Uni-01

  1. Keele University

The degree programmes and foundation years have always been challenging, flexible and require a broad based knowledge. Whether its Health, Humanities and Social Sciences or Natural Sciences, they will deliver a unique and international learning experience.

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