The one thing that will increase your hourly rate

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By far the most talked about benefit of becoming a locum doctor, is the amount that you get paid. It is well known that working locum can see doctors take away a much higher rate of pay than their permanent placed counterparts, however there are a few ways in which you can bump up your earnings even more to really reap the benefits of completing locum shifts.

The one thing that can increase your hourly rate the most is loyalty – on both your side and ours. As a recruitment agency, we offer our loyalty and dedication to your career from the start. As soon as you register with Total Assist Group, you are provided with a sole point of contact and a single Recruitment Consultant who will look after you and find work for you in your requested field. Our Recruitment teams are divided by specialty, so you know that the Recruitment Consultant assigned to you will have a thorough and in-depth knowledge of your field, and will be best placed to find you rewarding work.

Building loyalty

For us, working with locum doctors is more than just the occasional signature on a timesheet. We strive to continuously work with you to build your locum career and really take it in the direction that you want. We work to nurture your aims and goals to help deliver on your directed career plan. Skeptics may say we’re in it for the money, however the recruitment industry as a whole has changed, so big shot commissions are now a thing of the past. Recruitment Consultants are now more than happy to drop commission rates as low as possible, just to ensure that the right doctor gets the right job. We would prefer to encourage hard working and experienced doctors to thrive within the NHS and their careers rather than pocket extra coins because hospital wards are struggling. We’re here to support locums in the long term.

Some agencies may seem appealing at first with rock bottom commission rates, however for us, we aim to maintain an incredibly high level of service so that you as a locum doctor can always expect the best possible standards. We won’t fob you off with fluctuating commission rates, short and sharp service or lacklustre recruitment opportunities. We want to work with you, month after month, year after year, to continue building and bettering your locum achievements. We rank our customer service values highly and seek to maintain this quality across the spectrum of what we can offer you.

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In being loyal to our locum doctors, we hope that would encourage loyalty in return, making us your healthcare recruiter of choice. Working solely with your dedicated Recruitment Consultant means you can establish a firm plan for your locum shifts and have a real say in what you work, with your rates gradually increasing the longer that you work with us and commit to your relationship with your consultant. Creating a solid, understanding relationship with your Recruitment Consultant and showing loyalty will steadily allow you to increase your rates and your Recruitment Consultant will serve your interests by watching out for the best shifts suited to you.

Why locum work can pay more

Research has suggested that locum shifts can be paid two to three times more than the average hospital shift, with doctors supplementing their permanent position wage with an additional locum shift per week said to increase their earnings by an impressive 50%. Ideal when working at consultant level in particular, locum work can be a lucrative addition to a full time post.

  • What you earn, depends on how much you work as locum doctors are paid by the hour. So fill up your diary to make more money
  • As the demand for locum doctors increases, the same will most likely be reflected in the wages hospitals are willing to pay for qualified and experienced staff
  • There are a few factors that can influence your rate of pay. These include: specialty; location; practice setting; patient volume; duration and grade

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