Three quickfire health facts

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1) There is a link between height and your intelligence

If you regularly bang your head on the door frame and low ceiling country cottages are your worst nightmare, then this fact should put a smile on your face. Research published in the Behaviour Genetics journal reveals that there is a significant correlation between how tall you are and how smart you are, with volunteers being tested on 6815 unrelated subjects. Experts believe this link needs to be further investigated as both factors influence health outcomes and mortality.

2) Women are more resistant to autism then men

A study published in the American Journal of Human Genetics states that women are more protected from neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism, than men, with females generally functioning better when suffering from the same mutation. Lead Researcher Sebastien Jacquemont told Student BMJ that the findings “may lead to the development of more sensitive, gender-specific approaches for the diagnostic screening of neurodevelopmental disorders.”

3) Having a TV in the bedroom encourages weight gain

Unwittingly piling on the pounds? It may be time to take the TV out of the bedroom as research published in JAMA Pediatrics shows an association between weight gain and having a TV in the bedroom beyond the effect of television watching time. Researchers pinpointed the blame on disrupted sleep patterns.


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