Top 10 most requested specialties for locum doctors in June 2014

Medical students

Earn more money as a locum doctor – hospital trusts need you

Demand is seriously outstripping supply at NHS trusts around the UK, with many vacancies being left unfilled as hospitals fish around to locate experienced and qualified medical professionals who can fit their quota.

With a selection of specialists on our roster, coming from every department and grade, Total Assist Group is a key NHS starting point when searching for excellent, high calibre staff, so we are able to offer our locum doctors brilliant industry opportunities. Staffing shortages mean our candidates can pick and choose locations and positions that are 100% suitable for them, whilst also nabbing a higher rate of pay to boost their income. Jumping on the locum band wagon has never been more beneficial or lucrative.

Why not check out our top ten jobs this month to see how you can get involved, and join the stream of doctors registering with Total Assist Group today, to find your dream job.

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Specialty Grade Hours Requested
1) General Surgical SHO 50,007
2) General Medicine SHO 47,501
3) Paediatrics SpR 40,563
4) Accident and Emergency SpR 35,327
5) Paediatrics SHO 28,417
6) Obstetrics and Gynaecology SHO 23,066
7) General Medicine Consultant 18,700
8) Accident and Emergency SHO 16,000
9) General Surgical SpR 15,967
10) Obstetrics and Gynaecology SpR 15,321


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