Top 10 most requested specialties for locum doctors in May 2014

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What specialties are in demand this month – could you be earning more?

Hospital trusts across the country are on the hunt for high quality locum doctors, as a shortage of medical professionals has left departments struggling to provide top notch care for patients. This provides a fantastic window of opportunity for locum workers, across the grid of specialties and grades, who are looking for placements right now. Here at Total Assist, we can ensure you get a position that really ticks your boxes, no matter what area of medicine you work in, or what part of the country you come from – you could be earning more by engaging in locum posts.

Why not check out our top ten jobs this month to see how you can fit the bill, and join the flood of doctors registering with Total Assist today.

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Specialty Grade Hours Requested
1) General Medicine SHO 49,816
2) General Surgical SHO 45,600
3) Obstetrics and Gynaecology SpR 35,553
4) Accident and Emergency SpR 31,127
5) Paediatrics SpR 28,017
6) Paediatrics SHO 24,072
7) General Medicine Consultant 17,500
8) Trauma and Orthopaedics SHO 17,000
9) General Surgical SpR 16,423
10) Obstetrics and Gynaecology SHO 15,401


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