Top 8 locum myths busted


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As a locum doctor, the benefits are tremendous as you open yourself up to a wide range of exciting opportunities.

Here are some of the top known myths with working as a locum:

Myth One: I can’t work as a locum since I have a full time job

You may be surprised to learn that one of the main reasons that doctors do locum shifts is to increase their income.

Many doctors who enjoy permanent positions will pick up locum work over the weekend or even during holidays and annual leave as a way to earn some extra money.

Myth Two: Locum work is too demanding and unpredictable

Being a locum doctor allows you to enjoy the flexibility, in order to define and create your own work schedule so you can plot your shifts around your other commitments. Whether this is charity work or family life, you can work whatever days and hours you want.

Myth Three: Working as a locum doesn’t provide stability

With the current shortage of medical professionals across the UK, there will definitely be no problems with planning a busy and fulfilling work rota. Whether you decide to work in a city or a more rural area, hospital trusts are calling for experienced, qualified and recommended professionals to meet patient’s demands.

If you work as a locum, you will find yourself inundated with shifts you can sign up for. This means you will also receive a consistent income, especially if you work in a high demand specialty.

Myth Four: Working as a Locum doesn’t let me build a relationship with my patients

A benefit to working as a locum is that you can actually spend more time with patients since they no longer have to wade through stacks of administrative paperwork. Locum workers can simply arrive on the ward and begin their job treating patients. As a result you are connecting with your patients due to you helping fill a shortage within that selected department.

Myth Five: I’ll earn less money as a locum

The opposite is actually true as those who work locum shifts can earn more money per hour than a permanent hospital doctor. This also depends on the number of shifts that you sign up to do, so if you need some extra earnings you have the capability to do so with a few added shifts. You also have the ability to negotiate with your recruitment consultant, regarding your hourly rate.

Myth Six: Locum work doesn’t look good on my CV

Locum work can be used to enhance any experience and qualifications you already have on your CV. Some professionals use locum work as a chance to investigate their options before specialising, which is wise as you will be able to research and ultimately develop background knowledge on your selected field. Locum shifts are also the ideal way to brush up on your skills after some time away from medicine, as this gives the option to ease in gently instead of returning to a full-time job.

Myth Seven: Locum workers are viewed as inexperienced

Many retired doctors actually take up locum work to stay engaged with medical practice as they have years of industry experience under their belts. Working as a locum gives you the opportunity to boost your experience and confidence, to give you a competitive edge since you’ll have more awareness of different hospital settings, computer systems and processes.

Myth Eight: You only get the uninteresting cases as a locum

There are so many shifts available across a wide range of hospitals and trusts so no two shifts will be the same. You can work across a selection of wards, at different times of days, so you’ll encounter a mix of patients with a variety of conditions for you to treat.

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