Total Assist Group embrace new direct engagement locum supply system

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As a locum recruitment agency, Total Assist Group are constantly striving to be as up to date and current as possible regarding our processes and methodology, as we understand that as a company, Total Assist Group needs to be flexible to what the NHS needs from us, in terms of supplying experienced healthcare and medical professionals to fit the bill.

One way the industry is changing at the moment, is by using a new direct engagement model to pay temporary workers. This works by the NHS sourcing staff through an agency such as ourselves, but then paying the individual doctor directly, before paying a separate commission to the agency, effectively dividing the payment. In the past, agencies would just charge NHS trusts a lump sum that combined the doctor’s wage and sourcing commission, with doctors being paid by their recruitment agencies.

More and more hospital trusts are adopting the direct engagement model, mainly because it has been estimated to save the NHS 20% on VAT charges whilst still ensuring a high quality of staff for hospital front lines. However there are benefits for both the NHS and Total Assist Group as we work together to achieve a smooth introduction of this new system.

Benefits to the NHS:

  • Provides a greater transparency in costs for trusts – they can now clearly see how much money a doctor is making and how much commission an agency is taking as the costs are split
  • Paying doctors directly means that the NHS now has influence on doctors rates of pay which could create a more uniform and regulated pay system
  • With doctors now submitting time sheets to the relevant hospital trust, they can now collect centralised data on temporary staffing, to help them manage this area of the NHS
  • Working closer with the supply process also gives trusts the ability to review doctors more succinctly to analyse who they would like to work with again
  • Improves locum attendance, as local trusts are now employing an email or text shift notification system

Benefits to Total Assist Group:

  • Direct engagement also offers us the opportunity to reduce costs and improve time efficiency, as we no longer have to deal with as much admin work regarding time sheets sent in by doctors, as these are now dealt with by the hospital trust
  • Creates a fairer way of working, as previously, some doctors would play agencies against each other in a bid to get the highest rate they could. With the NHS now in control of payments, rates of pay should even out across the board
  • As an innovative and expanding company, we are always eager to assist in any way we can when it comes to developing ideas and pushing forward new ideas – fully supporting and utilising direct engagement makes it easier for NHS trusts to work with us so we can be more efficient at filling the vacancies they have

At Total Assist Group, we are proud of moving with the market and keeping up with new developments and changes. Being on board for direct engagement is just one way that we aim to assist and help NHS trusts in fulfilling their staffing shortages.

[testimonial name=”By Grant Finn” who=”CEO of Total Assist Group” imagelinks=”” vertical=”no”]”I have worked tirelessly at Total Assist Group for over 10 years now. I have overall responsibility for executing the continuous growth strategy of the company.”[/testimonial]