Want to be a successful boss?

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As Chairman of Total Assist Group, it is important that I manage and motivate my staff well to ensure that as a business, we are as productive and efficient as possible. By knowing how to be an approachable and hands on boss, this can have a positive impact on my employees as I can train them how to hone their skills and fine tune their processes.

Here is my advice on how to be a fair, authoritative and focused boss…

 1) Recognise good work – People thrive on recognition, so if someone has done a task well, then praise them publicly for it, giving them the attention they deserve. So many employees these days feel swept under the carpet, and are only commented on when something goes wrong. Instead, it is so important to acknowledge their efforts and let them know you are pleased. At Total Assist Group, we do this every Friday with a company meeting that sums up how each department has done, mentioning stand out performances. It’s a great way to keep the company up to date with developments and appreciate the hard work done by staff. If staff work above and beyond then I ensure that I take notice.

2) Reprimand in private – As much as praising in public is a good thing, the opposite is also true, with criticisms needing to be done in private. The colleague in question will know they have made a mistake and will already feel terrible, so embarrassing them in front of their co-workers won’t achieve anything and may cause employee resentment against yourself. Offer your feedback in a one to one meeting instead.

3) Give employees independence – Any business will know that the employees that function within the company are the business’s most prized possessions, as without them you wouldn’t be able to move the company forward. One important way to show staff you value them is to trust them and allow them autonomy when they work – this has often been quoted as one of the leading causes of workplace happiness. At Total Assist Group, each Recruitment Consultant manages their own desk and workload as I give them the independence and freedom to perform.

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4) Have a meaningful objective – If employees are going to understand and want to care about their work, you have to show them the ‘why’ of their work and how their role contributes to the company and the overall business aims. This allows them to feel part of something important.

5) Connect – Building relationships with your employees is vital and creates the foundations for your business. Remember your employees’ names and care about their general well-being to identify with them. Just by calling a colleague by name makes them feel more valued.  A great way to connect with staff is to lead by example and get stuck in to the workload, taking a real hands on approach. All of the management at Total Assist Group have worked their way up in the recruitment sector, so all of our employees know that we have been there, and definitely done that.

6) Inspire – Stirring inspiration in your workforce is a tricky task to master but one that can really aid the business if you hit the nail on the head. If your employees feel inspired and motivated, then they will work harder.

7) Be reliable – Yes, you should be able to rely and trust your co-workers, however they should also understand that they can rely on you. If you say you will contribute or deliver something, then make sure you do, and that it is on time. It is also important to be consistent – that way your employees will understand and know what makes you tick and how you expect the business to move forward. Laying out these expectations is vital as it sets clear goals and guidelines, allowing staff to work to their potential.

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8) Make mistakes – No one is perfect and mistakes get made, and as a boss, it is just as important that you make mistakes as well as your staff. Every mistake indicates a learning development, a business venture attempted and a strategy that was trialed.

9) Communicate well – Communication is key across every aspect of business, but especially when you are trying to convey ideas and projects to other members of staff. Employees aren’t mind readers, so if you want something done a certain way, you will have to tell them. Another aspect of communication is being able to have a sense of humour, and this can really help with the daily stresses and make you seem more approachable. Many view having a sense of humour as the most important trait in their bosses.

10) Use common sense – Thinking on your feet and being confident making snap decisions are definitely skills that you need to work in management, and without these common sense traits, you’ll find yourself making errors. Another aspect of common sense is knowing when to delegate and who to delegate to. It is important to share our responsibilities as well as just tasks.

11) Maintain positive thinking – Having a positive mental attitude is absolutely crucial for success. Think big and believe you can succeed, and you’ll find that your positive mentality is contagious, and will result in having a more productive and happier workforce.

[testimonial name=”By Justin Rich” who=”Chairman at Total Assist Group ” imagelinks=”http://totalassist.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Justin-5.jpg” vertical=”no”]”Total Assist was founded by myself in 1999 specialising in the supply of Locum Doctors and today more than 70 ambitious employees occupy our modern offices and headquarters in Essex.”[/testimonial]