What are the best apps for locum doctors?

What are the Best Apps for Locum Doctors-01

One of the greatest things about the rise in smart phones is undoubtedly the massive range of apps that are being constantly developed. For locum doctors, some of the handiest apps are the ones that focus around travel.

Locum opportunities provide a great chance to explore the UK, especially if you work with Total Assist. We partner with NHS trusts and private clinics in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, so you really can work in any region or city.

Make the most of locum travel, with our pick of the best apps…

PackingPro (available on iOS)

Packing can be difficult for anyone, especially if you are heading somewhere you have never been before. You may be unsure about the weather, which then affects your choice of footwear or whether you need a suitcase versus a duffle bag.

PackingPro can simplify this process, all you need to do is type in your duration and destination and the app will create a list of items that you may need. Categorised neatly into sections, for example essentials, clothes and electronics. The app will even send you helpful reminders to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything crucial.

GateGuru (available on iOS and Android)

If you are a frequent flyer (which you may be if you are based in England but like to locum in Scotland), then airports maybe challenging due to their sheer maze-like tendencies. To limit aimlessness GateGuru will map out your nearest restaurants, cafes and gift shops, including their reviews and tips from other travellers. Resulting in any spare time that you may have before boarding, can be spent wisely.

Waze (available on iOS and Android)

New towns and cities can often be incredibly confusing, especially if you are based right in a city centre, which can be based around one way systems and car parks.

Tackle these with Waze, an app that is one of the world’s largest community-based, real time, traffic and navigation tools. Drivers in your area will share current traffic and road information, the app also alerts you to accidents or road hazards.

Waze will highlight the best places to fuel up, routes to avoid and how long it will take you to reach your destination.

OpenTable (available on iOS and Android)

Self-catering in your on-site accommodation can get repetitive if your locum placement is for a week or more.

OpenTable allows you to explore local cuisine by letting you view and make reservations at various restaurants right on your doorstep. You can even filter your options to cater for what foods you fancy, the time and your budget.

If you use the app frequently, members can also earn dining points, allowing you to reap benefits from OpenTable Restaurants.

SleepSounds (available on iOS and Android)

An occasional night’s sleep that is less than normal or the standard 8 hours won’t harm your health (NHS Choices.) However experiencing fatigue, being short tempered and having a lack of focus within a shift at a new job may not be the best way to start.

SleepSounds can help you drift off naturally with a choice of over 600 sounds, ranging from wind chimes, rain, crickets and many more to help you drift off.