Why face to face client meetings are important

face to face meeting

As Director of Account Management here at Total Assist Group, I actively encourage the Client Account Managers to visit the trusts they partner with on a regular basis.

We often start building our relationships over the phone or email, since this is a convenient and quick way to communicate, however once contact has been established, meeting your clients face to face is imperative, adding a personal touch.

If you think face to face meetings take up too much time or money, then check out my reasons why they are actually a business must…

Why face to face meetings improve business

1) In my experience, clients like to meet who they are dealing with. This way you get a clear understanding of their requirements.

2) With more and more employees becoming increasingly time pressured, the temptation to multitask can occasionally prove too much if you only use the phone. Physically being with your client ensures engagement and makes sure you have their full attention, which can be particularly helpful when you need to clarify decisions or definitions.

3) Face to face meetings happen in ‘real time’, so you don’t have to wait for someone to check their inbox to crack on with a task. This can make them more efficient as it allows you to get more done since you are under greater pressure to get to the point. Many face to face meetings can actually be shorter than conference calls, as it is easier to put action plans together and reach a consensus – especially as you tend to have more energy when you meet face to face.

4) Attending a meeting in person helps to accelerate the networking process, creating trust and stronger relationships with a personal connection. It helps to encourage the sense of community between clients and account managers, building a bond that is fantastic for lasting business relationships.

[testimonial name=”Julie Smith” who=”Director of Account Management” imagelinks=”http://totalassist.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Julie-4-e1407848336160.jpeg” vertical=”no”]”With over 15 years experience in the medical recruitment industry, I am an empowering and ambitious hands on Director, heading up the Client Account Managers at Total Assist Group. I have a high focus on quality customer service and delivering results.”[/testimonial]