Why we made the move to Client Account Management

As Total Assist Group is an expanding and developing business, the company as a whole is a complete hive of change, with abundant opportunities cropping up at every turn in the business plan. We have a wide cross-section of teams who work across the company, often liaising together to produce a seamless, confident and efficient recruitment service. The great thing about being part of a growing business is that employees can move around to find a department that really works for them, where they can make their mark to boost business.

Two of our Client Account Managers, Keith Mawdesley and Natalie Abel, both used to work in different areas of the company but now work on our client team. Here’s why they made the switch…

Natalie – “I wanted a new challenge”


“I joined Total Assist Group four years ago as a part of the Compliance team, which basically works to make sure that doctors wishing to do locum work in the UK have all the relevant paperwork and documentation in place. This not only means having an up to date CV, but also double checking GMC registration, CRB information, blood work and medical details and chasing up references. I have also worked in Admin Sales Support, which deals with supporting the booking and cancellation processes and well as placement amendments.

“After spending so many years with the team focusing on admin style duties, I really fancied a change of scenery and felt I was ready for a new challenge to help me develop and grow personally as well as professionally. An opportunity came up for a new Client Account Manager to join the team and I jumped at the chance. I have now been working with the client team for three months, focusing on NHS trusts across both the south and north of the country.

“Working as a Client Account Manager is very different to being in Compliance but I think it suits me better. It is a much more challenging role for me, as well as busier. I have learnt so much already, understanding how to manage my workload efficiently and prioritise my to-do list has been vital since we are flooded with phone calls and emails from hospitals and trusts across the UK. I have also particularly enjoyed the communication aspect of the role, gaining the trust of contacts at the hospitals and speaking to the different members of the medical staffing team. Being a Client Account Manager is an active and engaging role with plenty of opportunities to build relationships, which is ideal for a people person like myself.”

Keith – “I was looking for career progression”


“Previously, I worked as a Recruitment Consultant within Total Assist Group, being on the doctors desk for two and half years. In this role, I worked with a pipeline of experienced and qualified doctors looking to engage in locum work, so it was up to me to match the doctor with the jobs coming through from the client team.

“As a Recruitment Consultant, I already had some knowledge of what working as a Client Account Manager involved since we liaised with the guys every day, so when an opportunity arose to swap teams, I decided to go for it. The doctors desk already had well established team leaders and managers in place so I couldn’t see any chances for career progression or a way of working myself up the career ladder, which was what I was really keen to do. By moving departments, I hoped I could put my stamp on the Client Account Manager role and hopefully work towards growing professionally and developing within the company.

“Being a Client Account Manager is very fast paced, being completely non-stop which I enjoy as it makes the time pass quickly – especially since I work with London and Home County based trusts which are always busy! Although I still built relationships as a Recruitment Consultant, forging strong rapport is an absolutely vital aspect of my new role and I really love the more personal conversations and friendships that can develop from having a single point of contact. It’s also great to be an ambassador for the Total Assist Group brand, attending client visits face to face to show hospitals that we aren’t just a company name, but individuals who all work tirelessly to help where we can. I have now been a Client Account Manager for just over two months and I am really glad I made the change. The shift to being more communicative really suits my sociable personality.”


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