Why you should locum in Surrey


Epsom Hospital 2As Client Account Manager for London and Surrey, last week I was given the chance to visit one of our most prominent and thriving trusts, based on the outskirts of London. Employing an impressive 4,260 staff and offering services for approximately 420,000 patients, this bustling trust is a hotspot of opportunities for locum doctors.

Specialising in renal and neonatal intensive care, this Surrey based trust is one of the UK’s largest. Locum staff are currently in high demand, especially in A&E. The great thing about this trust is the variety of placements that they have on offer, as not only do they have ad-hoc days available, as well as night shifts, but there is also the chance to get stuck into some longer placements, with ongoing positions of up to 6 months also available at registrar level.

Despite the hospital’s size, I found it easy to navigate, with A&E situated right at the front of the building just inside the main double door entrance. Although I drove there (they have plenty of parking available), a train station is close. If you live further afield and would be looking at accommodation to work in this area, then once again they hit the nail on the head with plenty of on-site accommodation to hand at only £15 per night.

Locum opportunities

Key departments include Medicine – in particular Stroke and Care of the Elderly – A&E, Paediatrics and Obs & Gynae. They are also on the hunt for doctors at registrar, consultant and SHO grades across all departments, although they are also keen to hire A&E doctors who fancy tackling some night shifts.

Since Total Assist Group operate on a tier one NHS framework with this particular trust, they share their locum requirements with us first, meaning that we fill the majority of their placements with our high quality doctors. Staff have been very complimentary in the past about doctors we have sent on placement there, so we work incredibly well with them. Please do get in touch with me if you would be interested in working with Total Assist Group at this or any other trust.

[testimonial name=”Brookland Witham-Mason” who=”Client Account Manager” imagelinks=”http://totalassist.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Brook-e1407232928808.jpg” vertical=”no”]”I have been working as a Client Account Manager at Total Assist Group since October. I work with trusts mainly located in central and north west London as well as Surrey. If you want locum placements in these areas, please get in touch!”[/testimonial]


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