How should you eat protein?

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Boost muscle growth by eating protein at every meal

Recent research in the Journal of Nutrition has shown that to increase muscle synthesis by 25%, you should be munching on protein at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Protein heavy post workout snacks and meals have long been talked about with regards to boosting your muscle bulk, however new findings from the experts at The University of Texas instead reveal that by spreading out your meaty intake, your muscles receive a constant supply of amino acids throughout the day, which can then be used by your body to build muscle and better metabolism.

The recommended protein intake for women is 46g per day, although most 20 – 40 year olds don’t even consume that much.

More daily protein

The research group asked two sets of volunteers to eat exactly the same diet and foods, however the only difference was how the total 90g of protein was spread out of the day. One group had 30g of protein at every meal time, whilst the second group had 10g at breakfast, 15g at lunch and 65g at dinner.

The results found that the muscle protein synthesis of participants who ate protein evenly throughout the day was 25% greater than those who ate the bulk of their protein for dinner. Eating the majority of your protein in the evening means that your body cannot build muscle through the day, and will instead store the protein as glucose or fat overnight.