Cambridge MP is ‘delighted’ about £2bn NHS boost

Britain has been lucky to have a healthcare service which is one of the best in the world and more than that, it is one which is free at the point of need. However in recent months, the nation’s darling NHS has been under fire for poor management, missing targets and in dire need of a funding boost in order to survive the pressures of rising demands for services.

Many 'delighted' by £2bn boost for NHS

Many ‘delighted’ by £2bn boost for NHS

Recently, George Osborne announced he would be injected £2bn into the NHS as a boost, which received nationwide support from healthcare staff and the public alike. However, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary said last week that the NHS should not receive more money until it has become more efficient.

Despite this, George Osborne’s funding will go ahead, and many are ‘delighted’, such as MP Julian Huppert. The ruling opinion of the NHS sector is that yes, changes need to be made in approach to the management of this major organisation, but funding is also desperately required by the NHS in order to work to a better standard.

Without the funding, the NHS cannot afford to implement major strategic changes which would result in shorter waiting times, more GPs, and greater quality of care long-term, with smaller bills to foot.

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