Cumbria Ambulances to only respond to ‘Most Serious’ Incidents

A staff strike consisting of ambulance crews is planned for today in Cumbria in order to take a stand against the heavy workloads and light wages.

Ambulances to go on strike over increased workloads and minimal pay

Ambulances to go on strike over increased workloads and minimal pay

The NorthWest Ambulance Service NHS Trust has received confirmation from Unison, Unite unions and GMB, that their members will all part take in national industrial action beginning Monday, November 24.

The stoppage will last for four hours, bringing a halt to regular ambulance services. During this, ambulances will only respond to the ‘most serious incidents’, unions have also explained they will respond to major trauma cases too.

In the event of a major incident, the strike will come to a halt and the trust will continue work as usual.

In preparation for the strike, the NHS are advising patients to check with their local hospitals regarding out-patient appointments.

The director of operations, Derek Cartwright has said the following, ‘The trust is pleased there has been recognition that a service is needed for those with life-threatening conditions but is aware that based on the October’s action, the industrial action may result in delays to patients of all categories. The trust is exploring all avenues to maintain as much of the service as possible and volunteer and private agencies such as Red Cross, St John Ambulance and mountain rescue teams are in discussions with NWAS with regard to how they will be available to respond to patients during the strike’.