Fancy a career as a recruitment consultant?

Here at Total Assist Group, we understand that to continue expanding and developing our business as successfully as we have done means we need to put the time and effort in to sourcing a diverse, energetic and ambitious staff, especially for our sales floor. We strive to seek the next generation of talent that can really raise Total Assist Group to the next level, by providing an intensive eight to nine week academy training programme that specifically focuses on creating confident and capable recruitment consultants, keen and eager for a career at Total Assist Group.

Now hitting the sales floor, new recruits Terence Sherrin and Bradley Robinson share their insights on the Total Assist Group’s academy programme…

Bradley Robinson

Bradley Robinson

How did you find out about the Total Assist Group academy programme?

Bradley: “I found out about the Total Assist Group academy programme from a member of the team who highly recommended it.”

What made you decide to apply to the academy programme?

Terence: “I wanted a change of career, and levitated towards an incentive based job. Total Assist Group was recommended to me as a great place to learn and work.”

Bradley: “A change of pace in career and to learn new skills to further develop myself.”

Why did you want to work for Total Assist Group in particular?

Terence: “I wanted to work for Total Assist Group because I felt, and I still feel, that I can earn a lot of money here.”

Bradley: “Total Assist Group is a growing company that own a large share of a market – it is excellent to be involved at the present moment.”

What top three things did you learn from the academy programme?


1)      The grades and specialties of doctors

2)      The compliance side of the business

3)      How to conduct yourself on the phone when speaking to doctors, using role play


1)      Patience

2)      Teamwork

3)      Valuable sales skills

Terence Sherrin

Terence Sherrin

Describe working in recruitment in three words.

Terence: “Hard, work, money.”

Bradley: “Demanding, rewarding, satisfying.”

How would you describe the company culture at Total Assist Group?

Terence: “Very fun atmosphere within the office, with everyone working towards gaining results.”

Bradley: “The company culture at Total Assist Group is very grounded, and everyone has a genuine desire to help each other succeed.”

How have you found working on the sales floor?

Terence: “I have enjoyed working on the sales floor a great deal.”

Bradley: “An environment that commands a 110% effort at all times.”

Why do you want a career in recruitment?

Terence: “To become successful and earn enough money to live a comfortable life.”

Bradley: “I want a career in recruitment as it’s an industry that offers valuable skills for anyone who is ambitiously goal orientated and wanting to learn business skills, which can be applied to any business venture.”

How would you describe the academy programme?

Terence: “Very rewarding. I gained a wealth of industry knowledge in a very short period of time.” 


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