NHS owes public more accountability

An MP has argued that having a budget of £95.6bn means the NHS should be more transparent. He described the NHS as ‘opaque and confused’, and suggested it owed the public far more accountability than it has provided.

With a budget of £95.6bn, does the NHS owe the public more transparency?

With a budget of £95.6bn, does the NHS owe the public more transparency?

It was described as being ‘poorly understood even in central government and where accountability is confused, overlapping and neglected, with blurred boundaries and responsibilities’, the  Commons public administration select committee (PASC) said.

According to PASC chair, Bernard Jenkin MP, ‘Vast amounts of money are involved here, £95.6 billion in the case of NHS England alone, and it is simply not acceptable that there is no clarity or clear accountability for that kind of public expenditure.’

He went on to add that whichever political party wins next year’s general election has to clarify the structure of government.

He stated: ‘The architecture is not meant to be reminiscent of the film, “The Matrix” where doors open on virtual worlds which are insulated from reality and hidden from the public and from those meant to be accountable for them.’

‘Whoever wins the election, there is bound to be more change in the structure of Whitehall, involving arm’s-length bodies. It would be very helpful to any government with a new mandate to establish a clear framework for such decisions before the election.’

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