Obesity costing planet $2 trillion

Present trends indicate that by 2030 almost half the planet’s population will be obese, meaning if obesity is already costing trillions, the health crisis could become a greater disaster than it already is.

Obesity costing the world $2 trillion

Obesity costing the world $2 trillion

A report by the McKinsey Global Institute announced the global cost of obesity clocks in at $2 trillion, this is almost as much as smoking. And matches the combined total of armed violence, war and terrorism.

The report published on Thursday, analysed the economics of obesity and claimed 2.1 billion people, that’s one third of the planet are overweight or obese.

It provided the grim notion that come 2030, nearly half of the world’s population would be obese unless a dramatic change is made to consumption trends and lifestyles.

McKinsey identified that there is no single solution, but the global dissonance on how to mov forward is damaging the progress.

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