Labour, GP shortages, cuts, blamed for NHS privatisation

Nick Clegg has told MPs in angry exchanges in the House of Commons that
the only privatisation of an NHS hospital has come under Labour.

Labour is to blame for NHS privatisation

Labour is to blame for NHS privatisation

He was speaking about Hinchingbrooke in Cambridgeshire while pointing at the shadow health secretary Andy Burnham.

He had been sparring with Harriet Harman at PMQs who claimed the deputy prime minister briefed against the Tories but voted with them, and she said “people will never trust him or his party ever again”.

This week has been riddled with reports demonstrating that a third of NHS contracts go to private firms, and with the financial pressures the organisation is facing it comes as no surprise that the NHS seems to have embraced privatisation without informing the public.

There is under-staffing across GPs, nursing, and other healthcare services, which are being attributed to low pay, high workloads and unreasonable pressures on the NHS.

However, the NHS is still very much the nation’s darling and as election season approaches, rather than be privatised, the concern the NHS should have is the ways in which it’s image is being politicised.