Top 10 most requested specialties for locum doctors in August 2014

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What doctors do the NHS need the most?

August saw the influx of new junior doctors stampede through NHS trusts across the country, meaning locum doctors were in incredibly high demand, covering wards in all departments whilst new arrivals were trained and brought up to speed by permanent staff. Maintaining exceptionally high levels of patient care while hospital administration was up in the air with documentation for FY1’s, means that medical staffing teams have had to look to locum doctors to deliver excellent care, with a fantastic bedside manner and an experienced professionalism. With trusts everywhere from Scotland to Cornwall needing an extra pair of hands, and placements available in a range of grades and specialties, now is a great time to try out some locum shifts, and see firsthand the advantages of the locum lifestyle.

Check out our top ten jobs this month to see how your specialty ranks and how much work you could pencil in being a locum doctor. Register with Total Assist Group today for more information on upcoming opportunities.

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Specialty Grade Hours Requested
1) Accident and Emergency SpR 65,342
2) Accident and Emergency SHO 64,764
3) Paediatrics SHO 59,800
4) General Surgery SHO 57,651
5) Paediatrics SpR 55,690
6) Obstetrics and Gynaecology SHO 52,400
7) General Medicine SHO 49,639
8) General Medicine Cosultant 46,843
9) Obstetrics and Gynaecology SpR 40,553
10) General Medicine SpR 33,109


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