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As a company, Total Assist Group doesn’t just manage and maintain a successful business on a daily basis, but we also have big ambitions to increase our reputation and influence in the recruitment sector. One way we aim to achieve this is by focusing on the future of our company, as we constantly strive to expand and evolve.

Every business is a product of the people who work there, so we have introduced the immensely popular Total Assist Group Training Academy – a programme that offers extensive in-house learning, with participants getting the opportunity to have their fingers on the pulse of the sales floor, gaining industry insights and inspiration from our experienced team.

Interested in joining the competitive and exciting world of recruitment? Sue Murfet, our Learning and Development Manager explains more about our innovative academy programme…

How did the academy programme come about?

“In line with strategic growth plans, it was agreed at Board level that as we were unable to go to market and recruit 30 recruitment consultants in our sector that we should have an in-house training academy. I had experience of running assessment centres and training academies so I was able to compile a comprehensive scheme that would be able to offer in-depth training. I have a CIPD and 20 years experience in learning and development, so I was really passionate about getting the academy up and running.”

What are the benefits of the academy?

“We can teach them not only the principles of medical recruitment but also how we do things at Total Assist Group. We give them first-hand experience of the culture of the organisation and the fast paced environment, teaching the best ways to keep up and manage the demanding workload. It is also a great way to fast track new recruits to the top of the career ladder”.

What kind of training is involved in the academy?


The latest group of Academy recruits

“The academy consists of four phases in total. Phase one deals with knowledge of the medical recruitment sector; phase two is a series of assignments; phase three is assessments by the trainer on the sales floor, whilst the final phase is an exam. The academy uses all the latest training techniques including classroom teaching, facilitated learning, role play, e-learning, games and use of media.”

How many recruits are involved in the academy?

“We have up to eight people accepted into the academy programme at one time, and we run four academy programmes per year. Each academy lasts for eight weeks so it is definitely an intensive learning period!”

What does the academy teach participants?

“Lots! Firstly, we provide the specific knowledge needed to be a recruitment consultant in this sector, so that would involve learning about different grades of doctors, specialities, frameworks, regulations and UK geography. Recruits will also find out about our in-house online systems such as Itris, as well as learn about our website and how to post jobs. We also train recruits on sales skills, concentrating on how to sell, negotiations, how to close a deal and overcoming objections. Recruitscan brush up on assertive language and communication skills, which are so vital in this business, as well as develop a winning telephone technique and customer service skills. Team building is also something we encourage.”

How does the academy fit in to Total Assist Group?

“The academy is a key part of our growth plans, as once recruits have completed the academy and passed the final exam, they are offered a position on our sales floor, working alongside their mentors. It enables us to build our staff from the ground up, ensuring we have the best team possible who fully understand the company and what we stand for. It’s a great way to promote young talent to help achieve our end goals.”

[testimonial name=”Sue Murfet” who=”Learning and Development Manager” imagelinks=”http://totalassist.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Sue-Murfet-e1404484076393.jpg” vertical=”no”]”I have overall responsibility for the learning and development strategy at Total Assist Group. I am a qualified assessor and internal verifier with 20 years experience in learning and development departments training adults. I can help fast track your career as a recruitment consultant.”[/testimonial]



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