What is ‘medical staffing’ and how do we work with them?

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One of the key facets of working as a Client Account Manager for Total Assist Group is being able to negotiate, create and build strong relationships with contacts who work within the hospitals and NHS trusts that we partner with. Being able to liaise confidently is a sure-fire way to reach business success so this is something we are always striving to do. For us in the Client Accounts team, it is vital that we maintain good links with medical staffing – an operational HR department that works within each NHS trust.

Not many people really know who or what medical staffing is, despite them being crucial to a successful partnership in healthcare recruitment. Here is my run down on what a medical staffing department is, and how we work with them.

What is medical staffing?

Medical staffing are an operational HR team who focuses on the organisational and administrative details corresponding to all medical staff working at a particular trust. They tackle all staffing issues and new arrivals, including the smooth induction of junior doctor intake joining the trust for the first time as well as dealing with 24 hour clinical cover for the hospitals within it’s trust, scheduling in locum staff to cover both planned and unplanned absences.

They also usually provide a HR advisory service to senior medical staff, whilst also taking on an active HR presence, enforcing fair policies and processes throughout the hospitals they serve. Whilst undertaking pre-employment checks, they also provide planning support, analysing the most cost effective ways of filling workforce requirements.

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How do we work with medical staffing?

As a healthcare recruitment company, medical staffing are our point of contact for seeking placements and positions that are available within certain trusts and hospitals. They will email their Client Account Manager the gaps in their staff schedules, passing on shift days and times as well as specifying what grade and specialty they require. As the Client Account Manager, I would then work with the Recruitment Consultants to rustle up some relevant, experienced and available doctors who would be able to fit the bill. Although we also speak to rota coordinators, about 90% of our communication is with the guys from medical staffing, so having rapport with the team is essential.

As well as sending us their rota requirements, medical staffing will also be our port of call for checking up on invoices and timesheets, as all this paperwork will go through their hands. Also dealing with permanent position doctors, medical staffing colleagues will be responsible for putting new doctors on the hospital system and making sure they are ready to work as soon as they arrive.

[testimonial name=”Matt Levene” who=”Client Account Manager” imagelinks=”http://totalassist.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/matt-200×200-e1409137611567.jpg” vertical=”no”]”I have been working on the Client Account team for Total Assist Group for about two years 10 months now, liaising with NHS trusts from Cornwall to Oxford, as well as assisting Welsh hospitals. If you wish to work in these areas, please get in touch with me.”[/testimonial]