What makes the perfect recruiter?

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Recruitment is a thriving industry, especially in the wake of the recession, so it can make a fantastic career for the right person. Although confidence and natural networking skills are useful strings to the recruiter’s bow, people new to the role can learn how to be a success. There are three main areas that the perfect recruiter will excel in, so if you hone your skills in these sectors, then you too can top the recruitment charts.

Here are the top three factors that make the perfect recruiter…

1) Be an extrovert

Being personable and outgoing has long been prized within the recruitment industry, with an energetic go-getting attitude allowing you to seek out new opportunities and close deals promptly, as well as connecting with a vast range of new people, building working relationships that you can utilise throughout your career. Although having a loud personality type is seen as an advantage, introverts are also creeping into the recruitment game with the rise of social media influence and online communities making it possible for quieter voices to also be heard.

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2) Top salesperson

Recruitment is fundamentally sales based, and is more tricky than your average sales, since you have to sell twice. You not only have to sell your company to the candidate, emphasising why they should partner with you, but once you have a workable pipeline of candidates, you then need to sell them to the company clients. As well as being flexible to requirements and competitive when it comes to getting your candidates on the top of the CV pile, you also have to be able to influence people from all walks of life to get them seeing things from your perspective. Another important aspect of being a salesperson is that you are also responsible for selling and representing the brand of the business.

3) Keen marketer

Getting your potential pool of candidates and clients engaged with the business is vital, with companies now needing to be branded with a clear company voice that is personalised. Recruitment is fast becoming a customer centric industry and that is something we are very focused on here at Total Assist Group, especially since we are providing important healthcare services. We strive to produce a great experience for all of the NHS trusts and doctors who work with us, so community interaction is a big part of this.


The best recruiters are those who are reactive and can take industry developments in their stride. Having the confidence to adapt to emerging trends and stay ahead with a sector-focused, prepared pipeline will really enable you to stand out from your colleagues to make an impact on the business as a whole.

[testimonial name=”Jason Sergeant” who=”Sales Director” imagelinks=”http://totalassist.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Jason-e1404144889246.jpg” vertical=”no”]”Jason has over 10 years of experience within the healthcare sector and more specifically with locum doctors and hospitals nationwide.”[/testimonial]