Why company loyalty is a must

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Our CEO explains the value of having a loyal workforce

For a successful business, maintaining loyal employees is one of the most important things that you can do. Not only does each and every person on your payroll represent the company in some way, but they are also the individuals who put your company goals and dreams into action, so inspiring their loyalty is key in achieving as much as possible.

What are the benefits in having loyal staff?

Firstly, having a loyal workforce who are prepared to put in the hard graft for you reflects well, and creates a history and culture of stability that is fantastic for new hires to enter. Having loyalty from your staff also cuts down on expensive turnover rates and the time consuming process of advertising for new people, taking time out of your schedule for interviewing and then waiting for your new starter to become productive within the business. If employees are loyal, they are more likely to be satisfied in their work, and will therefore be more productive, helping your business to gain greater momentum and higher profits.

Loyalty is very much personal, and shows an employee’s investment in you as a person, and you as a leader of the business. If staff like and respect you, and the core company values that you stand for, they are more likely to remain loyal, and trust you to do the right thing by them. One way to achieve this is by being consistent, promoting reliability and predictability. If staff can rely on you, then you will be able to rely on them. Being open with staff, allowing a forum to share ideas and general company info is also a good idea, as it keeps everyone up to date and in the loop, making all employees feel a part of business dealings, investing them more solidly into the company structure.

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How can you gain employee loyalty?

1) Hire the right people. Being loyal is a distinctive work ethic, so some people have it, others don’t. When choosing your work force, make sure you recognise which people will be loyal to you and your business.

2) Reciprocate. Giving loyalty first is a surefire way of receiving it back.  If you go above and beyond for your staff, then they will do the same for you. This could include giving respect and praise, being flexible when staff are requesting time off and also listening to any suggestions or feedback colleagues may have.

3) Simplify. Cut back the red tape and barriers so that people can actually get on with their jobs. If you actively work to make methods and processes easier, so that employees can do their jobs easier, then that’ll equal serious brownie points for you.

4) Be communicative. Keeping colleagues informed about company decisions, expansions and movements is the best way of making them feel like part of the team. If they understand and acknowledge company developments, then they are more likely to want to be involved in them. Other discussions you should share with staff is your expectations, explaining their job duties and initiating feedback. Having open lines of communication and then listening helps to make staff feel valued and this is vital in creating and maintaining loyalty.

[testimonial name=”By Grant Finn” who=”CEO of Total Assist Group” imagelinks=”http://totalassist.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Grant125.jpg” vertical=”no”]”I have worked tirelessly at Total Assist Group for over 10 years now. I have overall responsibility for executing the continuous growth strategy of the company.”[/testimonial]

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