Why do you work as a locum doctor?

There are many reasons why you may decide to adopt a career as a locum doctor, whether you fancy making some extra money at weekends, or travelling across the UK for monthly placements. The benefits of working locum shifts is incredibly appealing, with a boost in flexibility, control and income.

Find out why these doctors decided that locum work was the right career choice for them…

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Early retirement – Dr. Leon Books

“My wife and I decided to do locum tenens so we could travel when I retired. Then we decided that if we wanted to enjoy travel, we should do it when we’re young and healthy enough to be able to enjoy it. Working locum tenens enables me to travel, to see parts of the country, and get to know the people.”

Trying ‘medical missions’ – Dr. Olabisi Jagun

“It enables me to make a good enough income working, having a comfortable life for myself and my family. I can also take time off to work on what is now becoming a real passion for me: traveling and doing medical missions in Africa.”

Getting rid of admin – Dr. Margaret King

“Locum tenens enables me to focus on the patients’ care and needs, trying to practice the best clinical medicine that I possibly can. I don’t have to get involved in office politics, I don’t have to give any lectures, and I don’t have to go to any meetings. When I get up in the morning, I’m looking forward to the day. I can’t wait to come to the hospital and see what’s going to happen today.”

Flexible hours and more holidays – Dr. Deidre Redd

“When I was in a professional partnership, I was working seven days a week and taking two weeks off a year. Now I work two weeks at a time and then I’m off for however long I want to take off. I’ve found that to be incredibly lifesaving and a lot healthier for me. Locum tenens allows me to have a better work/life balance.”

Earn a competitive salary – Dr. Randy Sheen

“I don’t have rent, I don’t have employees, I don’t have to pay for insurance benefits, I don’t have to buy supplies, and I don’t have to have liability insurance. If I were to work as many days as a locum tenens as I did in private practice, I think the pay scale would be very close — and with a lot less aggravation and a lot less headache.”


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