Doctors say Mediterranean diet is best way to tackle obesity

Leading doctors say adopting a Mediterranean diet may be a better way to lose weight and tackle obesity, than calorie counting.
The Postgraduate Medical Journal (PMJ) published the writings which also state the Mediterranean diet quickly reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Thus, it is better for people than low-fat diets and calories counting when it comes to health.

New journal supports Mediterranean diet

New journal supports Mediterranean diet

Leaders from varying but impressive medical backgrounds explain the weight-loss industry fails due to focusing too much on losing weight rather than ensuring people gain the appropriate nutrition alongside weight loss, which would result in better long term health and longer lasting weight loss.

They provide strong arguments for fruit, vegetables, nuts and olives, and insist the key to long-term weight loss lies in eating well (nutritious foods).

Professor David Haslam supports the findings by stating, ‘A calorie is not just a calorie and it is naive for anyone to think the complex hormonal and neurological appetite systems of the body respond to different substances in the diet in identical fashion.’

Following revelations regarding fruit juices and a shocking rise in obesity amongst young adults, with added scrutiny regarding dietary and nourishment advice from experts, the NHS is re-examining the basic pillars of dietary advice for the public.